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TinyTake vs. Others

At Tiny Take, we truly believe that we have created a simple and easy-to-use product that can fit any need. We take pride in offering only the most essential features, so consumers aren’t confused with functionality they will never use. Take a look at the chart below to see how Tiny Take compares to others in the industry.

Feature TinyTake Windows Screen Capture Snagit
Avg. Time / Capture (time taken from opening the application to uploading the image/video) Less than 1 minute More than 4 minutes Less than 2 minutes
Number of Steps
  1. Capture
  2. Add Annotations
  3. 1-Click Sharing
  1. Use Print Screen / Snip
  2. Open Paint
  3. Paste into Paint
  4. Crop
  5. Add annotations
  6. Save edited picture locally
  7. Upload to 3rd party site
  8. Get & paste link in email share
  1. Capture
  2. Add Annotations
  3. Quick Sharing
Best in Class Platform
Easy to Use & Navigate
TinyTake is very simple & easy to use

User must follow a complicated process to reach their goal

Too many tools make the platform complex & confusing
Consistent & Easy-to-Read Annotations
Screen Recording and Annotation
Webcam Recording
Configurable Hot-Keys
Create Gifs from Annotated Screenshots
In-built Viewer for Standard File Types
Save Online
Save online in 1 click

Must upload onto another service to create a link

Must upload to another service to share
1-Click Video Upload to Youtube
Bulk File Sharing
See Upload History
Must save to your computer
Available on Windows and Mac
Free Updates to Software
Customer Support (within 24 hours)
License Cost


$49.95 + $12.49/yr Maintenance


We hope that this comparison is helpful as you explore different screen capture options. If you are looking for a solution that saves time, is simple to use, is price effective and offers all the necessary features, TinyTake is perfect for you. With our simple platform, TinyTake allows any business to communicate visually.
Other solutions, such as Snagit, provide many superficial features that seem cool but ultimately make the software complicated and hard to use. That is why we have chosen to include only essential features in TinyTake. We value simplicity and usability and want to help you be as productive as possible.
We hope that you will download and give TinyTake a try -- we promise that you will love it!